Current Investment Trends in Tech Industry

There’s a need for new technology every day, and the potential of investing in something that could be an overnight multi-million-dollar concept is pretty exciting. The best thing to do is keep an eye out for some of the trending tech startups and search for some great businesses that could be a goldmine waiting to happen in no time at all. You can also read about some articles about Brian Sheth.

One area that’s becoming popular is technology advancements in the Smart Grid.

Smart Grid – A new method of energy saving for the adventurous. There’s a huge shift to more economical methods of energy in many countries, so investing in ways to become a cleaner country not only looks good for our reputation, but can net you quite a bit of cash in the long run, not to mention potential energy saving in your own home, as well.

Additionally, there are a few more complex tech ideas for you to consider. One of which is autonomous vehicles, or the cars that get on the road without any human interaction. They are actually pretty cool; accidents on the road are minimal, and if they happen, more often than not it’s a human error!

Robotics, in the same limb as autonomous vehicles, can be used for a multitude of things, including healthcare. From cybernetic prosthesis (a la Deus Ex) to robot helpers in hospitals, there’s lots of things for a robot to do, just to help humanity live a little easier. Compared to autonomous vehicles, robotics may be a bit more fluid and less niched in comparison, giving you a few more options to consider if you’re thinking of a tech startup.

Based on trends, we can extrapolate from this data that technology will broaden and investors will be drawn to its charm and competency when the industry has a yearning for a new breed of toy or function to make life much more simple.

Getting into Email Marketing? Here Are Some Useful Tips

One of the best and most common ways for people to market their product or business is through email marketing. But, in order for this method to be effective, one must know what they are doing. The following article will provide advice to anyone looking to get into email marketing.

  1. Build your contact list. Start with those who have already appreciated what you offer and then move on to areas where you can engage your prospects. It can take a while to pick whom should be receiving your emails, but it’ll be worth it in the end to build a reliable contact list.
  2. Before sending out emails to your subscribers, try to let them know what you will be sending them and how often they can expect to hear from you. This way, they know when to expect your email and they can prevent it from getting automatically sent to their spam folder.
  3. Use passive and active feedback to make your email marketing better. Active feedback is obvious: ask for suggestions and opinions from your readers. Readers generally don’t see passive feedback, but it is just as important as active feedback. Passive feedback is comprised of the tools and monitoring techniques you use to see which links receive the most clicks and to determine the open rates of your emails.
  4. When developing an email marketing campaign, you must make your material look professional. If it does not look professional, customers will pass over it without paying any attention at all. There are plenty of scams and junk emails going around, and your legitimate marketing campaign must stand out as something they want to look further into.

Finally, below is a video created by Marketo, a Vista Equity Partners company, describing the b2b benefits of email marketing: